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Re: Boyfriend and Masturbation

Thank You for replying to my post

Actually I do find it as a turn on. Its odd, and I never thought it would make feel like that, but it does. I feel very hypocritical, and I've apologized to my boyfriend for riding him about it. He accepted my apology.

I thought a lot about your reply, and I'm deciding to look at it in this perspective: "No ones perfect, everyone has a niche (his being porn, when we cant have sex), and if that's our biggest issue as a couple, then I'd say were doing pretty darn well. For as amazing as he is, and how well he treats me, his masturbating to porn every now and then, isn't a big deal...I mean, every man does it at one point or another right?

He reassures me of his love for me, and we talk about it very openly. My only request from him was, when he decides to masturbate, that he doesn't rub it in my face and/or gloat about it. Its enough that I know he does it, I don't want that to be paraded in front of my face. He said he could do that for me. I think we've pretty much moved past this doubt it was my own stupidity that made masturbation an issue.

Again, Thanks so much for your reply.