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Re: It might get better eventually

No, I'm not any closer to a diagnosis than I was before. They did rule out everything I had been told I might have. That didn't really get me anywhere because my symptoms didn't really match up with that to begin with. I am stuck on the NSAIDS until late February. When I go back to the rheumatologist though I plan on bringing it up.

I have had load bearing x-rays and they were perfect just like every other x-ray. My very first MRI showed a cyst on the back of my right knee. I had an ultrasound that confirmed it. Nothing was ever said about it after that so I assumed it wasn't a big deal.

I think my GP is getting the reports, but hasn't contacted us to talk. I don't think she will be much help though. She wasn't able to do anything in her office. In fact she said, "You know more about what could be going on than I do."

I have already seen 3 orthopedic surgeons and had three different answers. My GP, newest ortho, and podiatrist all suggested that I either go to a university hospital or Mayo. The reasoning behind it was that since I have had problems for so long that seem to stump every doctor I see, maybe it is something rare that they haven't seen before that a university doctor has. I just see it as a long road to nowhere. I have been having my problem blown off for so long and a physical therapist literally give up on me I am to the point of feeling on my own. I feel like I am going to have to help myself if I need help. That is the reason I posted on here in the first place. Thanks so much for responding.

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