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Re: Worried after 9 months exposure to HIV+ girlfriend

Originally Posted by Apollo123 View Post
Hiya, well antibody test are 99.9% accurate, but they are prone to false positives for some people and thats why they use another test to confirm their status.

The cd4 count in a normal healthy person is from 600 - 1200. Its when it gets below 250 that the person is at risk of infection, so your partner is well within the normal range. Her viral load is somthing that would be intresting to see?

Indeed a WB test would give a better idea of whats going on and if possible a PCR RNA test to check her Viral load. If she takes a combination of these tests or just the WB test we can see better whats going on.

Like i said i dont want to give any false hope here, but in my opinion, she has not been correctly diagnosed.. fingers crossed for you both

Thanks Apollo123 for that information. Well i talked to her last night again and asked her if had done western blot as follow up to antibody testing. She expressed ignorance about what a WB is but stated that in the follow up test, they got a large quantity of her blood for testing as opposed to a rapid test where they just use a finger *****. She also indicated that her viral load was at 200 copies and CD4 count about 680.
She said her doctor definitely confirmed she was infected and she just did a liver function test recently which was fine and was also advised not to breastfeed after delivery. The doctor said to reduce chances of infecting the unborn, she must deliver via Cesarean Section.