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Re: Autophony and Tinnitus

Hi the symptoms are getting worse I have blocked ears I can hear eveytime I swallow or chew, it does fluctuate it is like a bony sound inside my head I sometimes can hear when I turn my head suddenly it is so annoying.

But with the Tinnitus in my right ear, Its seems to get a lot worse when I try to sleep Im getting terrible headaches I asked the doc what could I take he said nothing, there must be something I can take or try to ease this situation I just try to get on with my life, but I must admit it is making me depressed.

When Im outdoors my hearing sounds so distant it doesn't sound as if it is coming from me [if you understand what I mean] as people dont really understand how you are feeling it is quite difficult to explain if you haven't got this horrible problem.

My husband started a new job so I am going to make an appointment to see
another ENT privately to get some tests done as soon as possible. I can't see that specialist in London on the web site, is he really good would you recommend him.