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Re: recently diagnosed

I have had Trij. Neural. for about 4 years. And you're right -- it is the most excruciating pain you will ever feel. The pills the neurologist gave me, only helped some. They wanted to give me a different medication but I said "no" because I had already done my research and other said you would be switched from 1 medication to 2 medications to 4 medications, and I didn't want that.

So, I tried alternative type of therapies and the 2 together worked excellently. I have not felt those excruciating pain in about a year. I am very grateful and want to share that with you so you too can get some relief.

The two therapies are:
1. Acupunture; and
2. I see an Ayurvedic doctor and he has given me herbal powders.

I tried acupunture first and started out going twice a week for a little while for $40 a session. Then it dwindled to once a month. Once I discovered there was an Ayurvedic doctor where I lived, I made an appointment to see him. He doesn't charge any specific amount of money but ask for donations. I was more than happy to oblige. He put together an effective herbal powder for pain relief. Now that is so effective, I can not stop being grateful. I am pain free and loving it. I would rather take herbal powders than prescription drugs because the herbal powders or anything herbal is good for you and add health to your body. It does not take away or harm your body. Thanks for letting me share