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Re: Migraines, Severe Pain, Fatigue, Ect. Treatment

Thefarm, MANY of us are/or have gone through this with spouses. It is very unfortunate, but it is a reality. My last husband went around telling everyone I was addicted to pain pills, and since I had to quit my job, and was over the edge from my illness. He divorced me. Such a crappy time for anyone to treat another human being like that. BUT life goes on, and we get threw it. (that's the short version )
At that time, my friends backed off, and so did my family. They all saw me physically looking okay. and wondered (like your husband) WHY can't the doctor fix me. Why each time I went to a different doctor they had a different diagnoises for me.
Such a crazy time of life.

My current husband took me in, beings I had no where to turn. And we have a good solid relationship. It did help that his sisters girls both had lyme. BUT he still didn't know what it was like to live with a person with Lyme. He has watched Under Our Skin. And it has helped him to see it is a long journey for us. You can watch it online through Netflix I believe. Or you can order it.
I hope and pray that your hubby will realize that you are trying your best to find answers. And for your OWN sake, keep finding those answers, it is YOUR health.
One thing chronic illness does, is makes those of us that go through it, not so judgemental of others. None of it is easy.

Hang in there!!!


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