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Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing

Originally Posted by Twiggle66 View Post
ok so it has now been 12 months since the start of the difficulty breathing. What was strange was that i know the exact date it started it was a week into January 2012 after starting the new year on a diet and eating loads of high fibre foods. I have now come to recognise that these foods are what trigger the bloating in my stomach which in turn somehow put pressure then on my other organs and make it difficult to inflate my lungs. Since cutting out cereals, bran from my diet it has got a lot better not 100% but there are days that i nearly forget about it.
I could be wrong and possibly in a week or two it will prove my theory wrong but i am hoping that i am on the right road as then i can learn or find other foods to eat and avoid bloating.
This is so interesting that you mentione that. I also remember the EXACT date this started. It was February 17 2011. I ALSO started putting ground chia seed in my oatmeal a week or so prior!! Chris seed is very high in fiber and expands in your stomach .. To make you feel full. When the sensation of not being able to take a deep breath/trying to yawn started I thought maybe its the chia seed but dismissed it. I just started using it again along with hemp seed and flax seed and my breathing is noticeably worse!!