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Re: scared to ask PM Doc

Originally Posted by babybam05 View Post
Last visit she gave me a script for half of my meds. I take it 2x a day as scripted. I had a script for 15 days worth & my 15 days were up 3 days ago.
Dear babybam, When she handed you your prescription the dr didnt say anything to explain, what did you say when you noticed it was only fifteen days? I have had that happen to me once in 24 years & the dr wanted to see me for epidural steroid injections 7 days later & thought that I would be so much better by 2 weeks later that my medicine could be reduced. Did she mention a procedure like this or some imaging, testing, injections? Also, can you call the pharmacy to call for a refill or do you have to get a triplicate from the dr? If I were you I would be more afraid to be in pain with no medicine than i would be from the dr. But, i certainly understand the terrible feeling of having to rely on the compassion, mercy of a dr to be able to function as i have been in chronic pain for 24 years, is this why you are frightened? Im sorry that you are afraid & i hope that you are ok.

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