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Re: how did you start to feel normal again?

Originally Posted by neverknowwhy View Post
Anyone who had suffered a loss my sympathies. When did you start to feel normal again? Was it gradual over a long period of time or did you wake up feeling better? Please share your stories of recovery.
Dear neverknowwhy, I lost my dad suddenly in <5 minutes. It was 2 years ago & my recovery was gradual. Here is what happened that made it succumb in a greater way. One of my best friends died in her sleep leaving behind a daughter. It was just before Christmas & my family members were sad with the one year anniversary of my dad approaching. I went to my friends funeral and on the front row sat her 25 year old daughter, a girl who had grown up with me in her daily life her whole life, alone holding up better than me & my family members were over my dad. None of us were 25 & none of us were now orphans like she was as her dad passed 5 years before when she was twenty. She had all her relatives, moms friends & her friends & has handled her moms death as well as anyone could ever expect. Moral of this story is after seeing her I never acted wounded over my dad again. She could do it at 25, i could certainly do it & get better at 50. I hope that if you need a listening ear that you will let us know how you are.