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Re: heavyness in heart

Originally Posted by justaguy300 View Post
Yes, I too felt a little more comfortable when I raised my left arm. I have chest discomfort too. Sometimes, I feel vibrations near heart. Sometimes it feels like a storm. I use to get a lot of nausea, dizziness, lightheaded but that has disappeared. I'm getting a lot of palpitations to the point where I can see my chest move so I am taking metoprolol for that.

You sure had a lot of tests. A lot more than me. What is TMT?
TMT is called Trade Mill Test. Here you are asked to walk on moving conveyor belt kind of thing and the platform where you walk is also raised slowly. this way stress in induced in your heart and the Blood pressure in monitored and also ECG is teken.General check up is alos done. All these paratemeters are then analysed to arrive at some conclusion.