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Re: Balloon Sinuplasty

I had the procedure (balloon sinuplasty) done for my maxillary sinuses 3 months ago done in a doctors office. It was very effective and worked for me. You will have to have a CT done with confirmed diagnosis of mucosal thickening, or abnormal anatomy for insurance to pay for this. a CT is very easy to get done and your ENT can refer you for one. Make sure you ask the ENT which sinus balloon company he prefers, there are 3 out there, but only 1 that has a long guidewire that makes the procedure the safest. the surgeon will slide a very small guidewire up into your affected sinus and it lights up the interior of your sinus and confirms he is in the right space, once there, he will gently slide a balloon up to the sinus and dilate the opening, restoring your normal outflow of your sinus. The only factor is how deviated your septum is, which could possibly prevent him from doing this in office. if this is the case, you can get this done at an outpatient surgery center in which case you would have to have general anastesia. it's much less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and recent data suggests it's just as effective. (Plaza, et, al). if it's done in office there is mild discomfort, but not as much as having a tooth filled in a dentist office. You will be back to work the very next day and have relief immediately or within a few days. If your ENT does not recommend this procedure, find a new ENT as he is not keeping up with technology. this procedure has been FDA cleared for 7 years and will be the standard way things are done in the near future.

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I'm wondering if anyone has had a balloon sinuplasty or has any input as to its effectiveness.

I'm finally considering a visit to my ENT for my sinus issues, but the biggest thing that has kept me from going so far is knowing that surgery is likely the only thing left - as in, I've tried everything else: antibiotics are a constant in my life, prescription nose sprays, saline rinses and countless OTC remedies. I literally think I have tried it all and I'm concerned that surgery is the only treatment left, but I have had what amounts to a constant migraine for the past week due to a headache starting from sinus pressure and ballooning into a full-on migraine.

So. . . I feel as if I'm not left with a lot of options. I certainly can't continue to go to work each day with the pain I'm in, but living on painkillers/migraine meds isn't really a viable option either.

I don't feel generally congested and I do believe my lower (maxillary) sinuses are clear as I have no problems with my saline rinse and the pain isn't there anyway. I think the problems are probably originating in the frontal sinuses, particularly on the left side as this is where my pain is located and I don't feel that my saline rinse is getting to this area when I try "flip turn" or "upside down" rinses. I know I'll have to visit my ENT to know for sure, but again, I'm concerned surgery may be my only option at this point.

So I would like to know if anyone has had this procedure and how effective it was for you (or the person you know who had it). I'm quite sure I also have a deviated septum, but frankly, I don't want to risk any surgery that will make my problem worse instead of better. Any info you all have would be greatly appreciated.