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Re: CFS-Why do I feel super when I have the flu?

Originally Posted by dfwmom View Post
Recent research indicates that Fibromyalgia, which is similar to CFS, is associated with low levels of cytokines in the bloodstream, pointing to it being in the family of immune diseases. Having the flu will stimulate your immune system, which might explain the effect that you feel. Some patients report that they feel better using Low Dose Naltrexone, which modulates the immune system. It's inexpensive and fairly safe, if you can find a doctor to prescribe it. You sound like it might work for you.

Another reason might be that you have a problem that is common with this family of diseases -- difficulty regulating your body temperature. Having the flu is probably causing a temperature rise, which might make you feel better if you struggle with a habitually low body temperature. I read something by one doctor who said we will never start feeling better if we can't regulate our body temperature.