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Re: Feel like my head will explode! Is this really allergies?

Hi mountainreader,
Yes, I've had a coronal ct scan which ruled out sinus disease. The sinus specialist I saw accredited all my current complaints to allergies. I have heard tmj as a possibility before, but didn't think much of it. My jaw deviates slightly to the right when I open my mouth, but I have no jaw pain. I might need to explore this tmj path soon though, because all my audiology tests are coming back normal. I find myself repeatedly popping my ears all day, but it doesn't change the pressure feeling. My primary care dr is obsessed with it being Eustachian tube dysfunction, an ent was the one who mentioned tmj to me. Because my primary dr has to refer me to a specialist (crap insurance), I need to 'prove' to him that its not my Eustachian tubes. I had one Eustachian tube function test done a couple weeks ago that was normal, and am getting another one done tomorrow because I need to move on from ETD if that's not the problem, and get a referral elsewhere. If this test is normal again, I don't see how it could be my Eustachian tubes swelling as a result of allergies, at least not at this time, because I'm passing the tests. I have already contacted the supervisor of the medical group to which my dr belongs to make them aware if this issue with my dr. He blatantly ignores the problem, tells me it'll go away on its own, it's no big deal, no need to see anyone else. The problem is, there IS a problem. If I pass this test tomorrow, ill be forwarding the results to this supervisor, so she can figure out why my dr ignores test results. Grrrrr! Just need to figure this out!