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Is it really IBS?

Ok so I haven't been officially diagnosed with IBS but after several tests its my only conclusion at this point.

My symptoms are;

Loose stool in the mornings only (note if i take immodium the day before my stools are formed for around 3 days)
Lower pelvic pain on and off (mostly before and after period which is completely out of whack at the moment)
Bright red blood on TP (occassionally)
Bowel gurgling mornings only
Racing heart
Feeling like I can't catch my breath

Tests I have had already;

Full Blood work including celiac and thyroid (all clear)
FOBT (clear)
Colonoscopy (haemorrhoids internal, benign polyp 3mm removed)
Endoscopy ( Gastritis)
Pelvic Ultrasound both internal and external (clear)
Abdominal Ultrasound (clear)

So my question is do all you peeps with IBS battle the same symptoms as me? I am still very concerned about my bowels particularly my small bowel. If there were something really wrong would immodium stop the diarrhea? Also the racing heart and shallow breathing has me very concerned. Is it all just anxiety? Should I be going back to the GI Dr? I just dont understand why I suddenly have IBS at my age (31) I have never had these problems before in fact I was probably more constipated my whole life as I only went every few days.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated Any sorry for the long post.

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