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Re: Recently Dx'd RSD/CRPS, long-time burning

My PM said that it was all in my head. I sure hope that you have a better experience. I am just recently diagnosed CRPS/RSD stage 3, (in Nov. 2012) and they treat me like an idiot, mind you I have seen my x-rays they freaked me out. I have been desensitizing my left leg for 2 months starting with a soft silk cloth, then a wash cloth, and so on.... just so that I can wear socks. That's why they decided I don't have it.. I have to wear an Air-Cast in order to not break my legs ( in Germany they call this stage the stage of the "glass bones") I've been wearing this since July...My advice to you stick to your guns, don't let them tell you, you don't have what you know you got and best of luck.

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