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Re: Extreme fatigue for years - still no diagnosis

eattrig -

No luck yet. There are so many possibilities out there that it's easy to get overwhelmed. I'm just going to try tackling things one at a time.

I've read a lot about Candida Albicans lately and the symptoms of acetaldehyde (which the yeast gives off) are very similar to what I experience every day (it worsens with certain meals):

Impaired memory
Decreased ability to concentrate ("brain fog")
Slowed reflexes
Lethargy and apathy
Heightened irritability
Decreased mental energy
Increased anxiety and panic reactions
Decreased sensory acuity
Increased tendency to alcohol, sugar, and cigarette addiction
Decreased sex drive
Increased PMS and breast swelling/tenderness in women

The brain fog is the one that really drives me crazy. I can feel it in my head, my eyes get itchy and all I feel like doing is resting my head on something (usually it ends up being the dinner table in front of my wife - lol).

And the sugar tendency - I used to take a $10 bag of wine gums and not be able to stop until the bag was done. I did this all the time. This may sound like typical gluttony, but I only do this with sugary products and beer (I used to do it with cigarettes) and have always been pretty much underweight and physically fit otherwise.

I've just read "The Candida Cure" by Ann Boroch and am starting my 3-month journey with a very limited diet and a bunch of yeast-killing supplements. My problem may not be Candida, but it's worth a try. They say that up to 70% of us could have at least a minor overgrowth of yeast in our gut anyway, so it's still healthy to clear the overgrowth and avoid eventual autoimmune disorders in the future.

Eattrig, maybe take a deeper look at Candida (ignore the stuff about vaginal yeast infections - this affects both men and women and starts in the gut)? I'm just as lost as you are right now, but I feel better when I'm trying anything to get rid of this ball and chain.