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Re: Dizziness!!

Originally Posted by Seekingpeace12 View Post
Zipster, I think that you are on the right path by going to an ENT doctor. I am not familiar with BPPV but Googled it and the symptoms match some of what you have experienced. Don't be discouraged if your ENT cannot find a solution. I met with my ENT yesterday for my dizziness and nothing conclusive was discovered even after having gone through some tests. I am being sent for an MRI just to make sure that my brain is OK and also for an ECOG. Like you, my dizziness came on suddenly one day about 7 months ago and have had it since. I have been to my PCP, an Ophthalmologist, and an ENT and so far no luck. I am scheduled to see a Neurologist as well.

By the way, how are you doing with the prochlorperazine? I Googled it and that is some serious medication. I take Xanax as needed for Anxiety and I noticed in one occasion that it completely resolved my dizziness for a few hours. It was Heaven!

Good luck with the ENT and hope you get well soon.
Agree with these points and can not say more than that for you.