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Viral Laberynthitis

Hi there, One day @ the end of november 2012 out of the blue I felt very dizzy, light headed, double vision, you name it, (I did not even had a cold), I thought wow this might be a mega migrane, then after two days of this I decide to go to the doctors, then she said you've got viral Laberynthitis, (inner ear infection) she said take this tablets you'll be fine in a couple of days, two days later no improvement at all, went to see another doctor she said rest for the weekend and come back to see me if you still the same. I was off work for 5 weeks, not being able to walk straight, very shaky, a very strong headache, constant buzzing noise in the left side of my head, blocked ears, feeling sorry for myself, caught the flu on top of it, the list is endless... I went back to work part-time hours, this is my fourth week and I'm not doing too bad, I've got more good days than bad ones, I try very hard not to get stress, it does not help, I'm not fully recovered yet but I'm better than what I was all those weeks ago. I do tai chi, meditation and certain balance exercises that you can fine on the internet and that makes me feels relaxed and less wobbly. There will be days when you feel this is never going to go away but, don't despair. I hope this will help anyone who is going through this debilitating illness....

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