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Re: Cystoscopy experience

Originally Posted by rab1960 View Post
Thanks for your post. It's looking like I will be going through this also. I have bladder stones so I think my cystoscopy will take much longer. seeing my urologist for the first time in a few weeks. I'm very nervous.
I have had a cystoscopy performed a number of times in the urologists office. If he sees a stone, he gives me the option of him "grabbing" it now or go to outpatient at the hospital. I just tell him to go ahead and get it. He has his little basket already attached to his scope so he just gets hold of it and pulls it out. He let me watch on a big screen so I could see exactly what he saw and see every move he made. It wasn't a pleasure but I would still rather have this done in his office and not the hospital.

Good luck.