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Re: Pain in ear, down neck, and watery eyes. Is this muscle or nerve related? Please

Regarding your middle ear infection and PE tube placement, in any if this did the ent mention a problem called Eustachian tube dysfunction? It's possible you could have some of that going on, I've learned, as well as others on the ent board, that this problem can linger and persist for awhile. I don't know if you've had a recent tympanogram done, which would check your middle ear pressure and show if there's an e tube dysfunction, but if not, I'd ask for one. I had persistent issues with my e tubes following a cold exactly a year ago that made me miserable. After 6 months, and trying a PE tube that made me feel deaf in the ear tried, I had a newer procedure called Eustachian tube dilation done in June, which is where the dr accesses the e tubes from the nasopharynx and uses a tiny tiny balloon encased in a very slim catheter to go into the e tube opening and pop it back open. I feel that my procedure helped, as I could NOT pop my ears before the surgery, now I can quite easily, but my allergies played a role, and at the height of Chicago ragweed season in September, my left ear 'clogged' overnight. It wasn't clogged though, as I could pop it open easily. I started allergy shots in October and gradually the swollen cloggy feeling disappeared but returned AGAIN January 8th, again out of nowhere. I've visited my ent and he said my indoor allergies must be acting up, but its strange, because I get the weird feelings in the left side of my face like you mentioned. No watery eyes. I get occasional ear pain that feels like a raging infection, but isn't. There's no fluid in my middle ear, and I even had my Eustachian tube function tested by an audiologist, but that came back normal. I always have slightly positive pressure in my middle ear, and a ct scan for sinus disease came back normal. The sinus specialist I saw is interested in referring me to a neurologist, and I've also been told about tmj (jaw joint) disorder, which I haven't been checked for. Maybe check into tmj ? I'd DEFINITELY first rule out anything with the Eustachian tubes. Hope this somewhat helped.