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Re: MMSE question

It's interesting that my brother and I just had this discussion with our mom's primary. She is 93 but becoming increasingly more physically frail the past 3 years. About 1 yr ago, she started exhibiting more pronounced signs of forgetfulness, personality changes, and such. While she still managed to pass MMSE, it is clear that her memory, especially short term, is increasingly more spotty. She is already on aricept and B vitamin supplementation. Like you, we wonder if it is old age or dementia. Then my brother and I finally concluded that it doesn't matter which it is. AT 93 years old, she can be whatever it is, as long as we give her the best quality of life possible. However, because of our mom's fairly sudden step downward this year, we are inclined to think, at least to a certain degree, involvement of dementia.