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Hello reach, I'm so glad you wrote back again. When you put yourself ina situation like i've put myself into you feel so lost and angry and disappointed that you've let things go as far as they have it seems overnight. some things have changed since I posted last. I finally got a diagnosis!!! After six long months of guessing and a usless surgery, ive finally got an asset that totally makes sense. I have parsonage Turners syndrome. there is no cure you just have to wait. It is a nerve disorder, where suddenly or of nowhere the inside of the nerve becomes inflamed and damaged, causing severe pain muscle loss and loss of muscle control. Anyways this can go on for months or years. Sometimes the pain will subside our sometimes it stays severe for years.
Anyhow I'm on my first day of no percocet and nobody knows. I know I can make it through. I wish I could say it was by choice, but its not. I ram out early AGAIN. although in the past I've always had something combat withdrawal. This time I don't...
I'm at a loss of what to do, I know I need pain relief but I cannot live like this either.