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Re: Cure of Premature Ejaculation

First, the pre-ejaculatory fluid that you've asked about is completely normal (if it's clear or slightly white as usual). It is supposed to do that. And preseminal fluid is just like semen in that some men make more of it than others do.

I asked about your frenulum because a small study in China found that some men who had tight frenula also had PE. But your answer sounds like that's not anything you need to worry about.

Now my next question is when you ejaculate, does it feel good like it's supposed to, or has it stopped feeling good and it just kind of happens without feeling like much? If it's just happening without feeling good, I would consider that it may be an effect of a genital infection of any sort (and potentially even mild enough to fail to notice). So does the orgasm still feel good or has it become more like a physical reflex that doesn't feel like much?

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