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Re: Husband of 8 years lied about STD

sucks thats what i say. but when and where did he get it at ? call the insurance company and see when they first started to RX the pills for it.

also the fact he was going to lay this all on you ? really? i am not sure i would stay in this relationship girl, sorry. this would be a deal beaker for me. i think he was going to use it to break up with u. he may already have a girl one the side hence having "herpes".

men with stds screw around a lot. i dont really care what other kind comments the other ppl here have for you. you need a reality check here and now. sorry to be the one to give it to u. u deserve a better guy asap. if you divorce now or what ever can u live $$ on your own?

if not start socking his money away asap. 50 here, 100 there, get enough as fast as possible to rent a studio if u have to, enough for a cheap junky car maybe 1200 at least for that and sock something away for the bills, utilities, deposit etc and go. a divorce takes at least 3 months.

start now. you can do your own papers, or find a local womens group for abused women or battered women bc yes this is a form of battery and they will agree with u and they can also help u fill out papers.

when i was recently divorced i had to ask them for help also and they gave it to me and the divorce was easy and fast and painless.

whats next from him for you: gonorrhea,syphilis, aids etc you better get tested for all of those also. thank God u arent pregnant also.

i would go, but get ready to be on your own also. if nothing else a local womans shelter may be a place to stay if need be. hugs and keep all faith in God. he will bring you some one better.

if you do stay find a way to track his every move, i bet u, u find a another girl or maybe three or four.

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