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Cervical mri Results

Hello I'm new here just wanted to get some intake on me result's. A rounded lesion in the c6 vertebral body contains some internal No aggressive marrow signal changes are observed. The signal intensity of the spinal cord is normal aside from a thin linear fluid signal centrally within the cord at c6 and c7.Signal intensity of the other visualized neural structures is normal. Degererative disc desiccation is seen throughout.....c2-3 ok c3-4 Some mild annular bulge is seen and there is left sided uncovertebral spurring which mildly narrows the medial aspect of the left foramen. Some mild degenerative facet arthropathy is seen on the left. The central canal canal and right foramen are widely patent. C4-5 A mild degree of disc narrowing is present. Left posterolateral protrusion and left uncovertebral spurring impress the left ventral thecal sac and result in moderate left left foraminal stenosis. The right foramen is patent and there is no cord compression. C5-6 Mild non-compressive annular bulge with some mild left-sided uncovertebral spurring. The central canal and foramina are patent. C6-7 Moderate disc narrowing with some increased T1 and T2 signal in the central disc. There is endplate and uncovertebral spurring as well as diffuse disc bulge or protrusion slightly worse on the left resulting in moderate left foraminal stenosis. The right foramen is only mildly encroached upon. There is ventral cord contact and slight compression. C7-T1 Slight annular bulge with evidence of partial annular tear in the midline but no disc herniation or foraminal nerve root impingement.T1 there is a mild anterior wedge-shaped apperance of this vertebral body with non-compressive annular bulge at T1-2......Sorry for long post but put what they sent me thank's ..

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