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Re: Cure of Premature Ejaculation

Ok, that's good. I didn't think it was likely. But it was worth asking.

There are things that you might try to reduce your sexual excitement when it's built up more than you'd like. The most obvious thing is to take a break from whatever you're doing for a moment or two. Have a drink of water maybe. Or even more simply, you might just breathe deeply at least a few times. When we are sexually excited, we tend to hold our breath slightly. So you'll probably find it very calming and centering just to breathe more deeply.

And then there are things you might consider to reduce your sensitivity a bit. First using a condom helps reduce sensitivity in a way you should find helpful (besides it's a good habit for other reasons). There are other things you might try to reduce sensitivity, however I wouldn't get too carried away with these, because you might think you have too much now, but it will inevitably go down with age. (By their 30s or 40s, I think most men tend to miss the sensitivity they had when they were younger.)

Anyway, one of the simplest things you might try is masturbating with the skin pulled back more, so that you're rubbing over the head more directly. (Incidentally this is how men with less skin masturbate because they don't have enough skin that moves to use it.) Rubbing the penis like this instead of pulling over the skin (the way you probably do) can reduce sensitivity a lot and quickly. (Over time it will make the penis grow tougher skin, so you can see why you wouldn't want to overdo it with this or make it your usual style, but you should find it helps you last longer.)

Another thing to consider about short(er) ejaculatory latency is, how quickly after ejaculating can you get an erection again? Because if you can get an erection again within less than 5-10 min, you don't really have to look at ejaculating as a reason to stop having sex--it's just a short break for you. Just switch to focusing on your partner completely in the interim. Some guys who can do this may not have noticed that they're able to get an erection again only a couple minutes after ejaculating. Basically I think short ejaculatory latency can just be a matter of what you make of it. I mean, it doesn't necessarily have to be an inconvenience. It might only become more inconvenient if you treat it like it's some kind of failure and feel bad about it and quit. (And there may not be any reason to do that.)