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Re: Osteoarthritis

Hi, diesel, i will tell you my story...I am 51 and have been dx'd with OA in my lower back and right shoulder. Lots of pain now for about 1.5 years, been through the pain management (pills) thing for about 8 months now and nothing worked. I am now off the pain meds, why? well I have been told by every specialist that I was overweight and that was the reason I had so many health issues, only about 40lbs overweight. So 3 months ago I started a weight loss eating program that didn't require exercise, as my OA doesnt allow me great movement. I have lost 20 pounds with eating veggies, protein, and limited carbs and the constant pain I was plagued with has gone away. I still have pain from activity but I can almost tolerate it. I am also trying Acupuncture again. My advice is to find a good registered Dietitian and try dropping a couple pounds to see if that will help.

Good Luck...

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