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Unhappy PLEASE READ Panic disorder insanity

December 2011 /Jan 2012 one night I was eating dinner in a restraunt and all of a sudden I couldn't swallow my food. I got really bad anxiety because I had no idea what was going on, so over a few weeks I kept calling child counseling services for advice. A few weeks later I returned to school after our 6 week break things disappeared. Then over 2012 I wouldn't eat anything stringy and would remove it from my mouth, spinach, veg skin ect and beef schnitzel. Then around October I began not able to eat in public (school, restraunt, people's houses aswell). Then I stopped eating with my parents at the table, and ate in my room. Then mid December I had 2 panic attacks after a year of silence. I also weirdly then started not to be able to swallow my own SALIVA indoors in public. Now every time in public I have panic attacks so I don't go out anymore. I have had 2 visits to a psychologist (seeing her on Tuesday), and also going to see a psychiatrist to discuss anti anxiety pills (mum is on them for anxiety/OCD). Since early January I've been struggling to swallow my own food, it triggered after a random panic attack. I'm worrying about it 24/7 because I feel gaggy when I eat and I feel the food doesn't go down then I panic my mind is sooooo focused on the eating process when I eat. I've been all over the Internet for solutions/tips/ for Panic Disorder-Panic attacks I also have social anxiety, nothing helps and I am going <edit>crazy. I don't sleep properly, I'm bed ridden all day, severely depressed, agoraphobic (all diagnosed) and also school resumed last Wednesday after 6 weeks and I cannot physically and mentally get there. My periods are still irregular after 3 years so that also messes with my hormones. I AM ONLY a teenager AND GOING CRAZY, I get soooo angry over this whole thing it's not funny. I really need opinions!

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