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Re: sleep problems..

You have something that is decreasing your sleep quality. Have you considered undergoing a sleep study (aka polysomnography) to see if anything is affecting your sleep? Without insurance it is expensive. My best guess is that you have a sleep breathing disorder such as Obstructive sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome. The major symptons are your daytime fatigue and headache upon awakening. The reason that you feel tired but wired at night is because your nervous system is in a heightened state as a result of these nighttime apnea events. Your brain won't let you sleep because it thinks that if it does, you will be choking. The brain cannot differentiate between choking a little (apnea) and choking a lot. I know this because I had the exact same symptons as you as was shocked to find out about the sleep apnea diagnosis after a sleep study because I don't snore and am not overweight. Try sleeping on your side for now, that may help a little. There are message boards out there like apneasupport or talkaboutsleep that you can refer to.

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Hi for the past 2 months I have had some interesting sleep problems. I looked every where on Google and can't give it a name. I also don't have insurance so I can't go to the doctors. Maybe you all can help...where to start...I sleep in really late usually 12-2. Once I wake up I am already exhausted. By 7pm I feel like I've run a Marathon and I feel so drained of energy. Once I actually lay down around 12am I am wide awake and I cannot fall asleep for hours. I feel energized which is weird. Then I finally fall asleep and the cycle repeats itself with me sleeping in late. Also I usually wake up with a huge headache or I get one throughout the day and end up trying to sleep with a migraine...any ideas? Thank you for your help