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Chin and lip numbness returns days after getting cavity fillings

I had 4 fillings done on the left side of my mouth, one on top and 3 on the bottom. I was given several Novocain shots. Later that day when the Novocain finally wore off I had extreme pain on the left side of my face, specifically my jaw and teeth (I have had many fillings done before and never felt this kind of pain afterward) although my dentist said I can expect some soreness because some of the cavities were fairly deep. This pain was intolerable but after taking some pain killers it finally got better. After about 8-12 hours the numbness from the Novocain went away completely, like normal.

My jaw was pretty sore for the next few days but nothing was still numb or tingly. Exactly 3 days later, I woke up in the morning and my lower left part of my chin and lower left side of my lip were numb and tingly. This was very strange to me because it was not numb since the procedure and the 2 days prior. I thought it might fade away as the day went on but it remained numb.

Is this normal? Why would numbness come back a few days after the fillings were put in? Will it eventually go away, and what should I do?? I'm nervous that it might be permanent.

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