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Re: Cure of Premature Ejaculation

Oh yeah, I'm sorry. I forgot that it wasn't obvious that you'd need to use lube (of some sort) in order to do that. Don't ever use anything that shouldn't be used on the penis, but many lotions, vegetable oils, and even just saliva could work. (Oh, and if you use lotion or any other oil for lube, the residue it leaves on the penis will make condoms break. The only condom safe "oil" is silicone oil, technically silicone ether.)

And also I should say, don't ever pull the skin back so far that it's painful on the frenulum. It's rare, but it's actually possible to rip the skin there from pulling it very aggressively. (And if it does seem to be tight, you can probably make it grow longer just with regular gentle tension over a period of months.)

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