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I gotta agree with the gentlemen who posted previously. Dont worry about it mate! Fine- its not a porn star penis, but thats all those guys have got
It works, right? So use it! First off sexual intercourse is only a small part of "sex", youll discover that you will have just as much fun and pleasure (and so will she) without even putting the penis in! Secondly when it is in, it doesnt matter if its 4 inches or 8, if you know what she wants and how she likes it, then you will please her no matter what the size. Third off it really does depend on the woman! I am of average size but my girlfriend is small, so it ends up beind a very tight fit. So remember its not just your size that counts
I take it from your name you're 21, so am I, we are young, lets have a little fun while we remain this age :P Dont turn another girl away!!!!!!