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Re: Which meds do you think work better

One of he meds not on your list was methadone. The last thing I tried was the patch. I loved it. The pain control, no side effects and my family was thrilled. Then they started falling off. And to top it off I was allergic in some way to the adhesive. It tried to eat throw my skin and them my muscle. That is when my doctor introduced to methadone. Not the pink liquid given to herion addicts, but pills designated for pain management.
Now I am sure just he name methadone probably unnerves you (and scores of other). It doesn't always have the best reputation. But at this point I was willing to try anything. When I went into withdrawl from the patch, I wanted to die. I have never felt anything it before or since.
This was the best decision I ever made about my pain management. I have been on it for 3 years with one increase based on an accident with increased my pain twofold.
Anyway, something to consider. If you don't announce your meds and what they are to anyone, no one to lay judgement (not that they have the right).
I sincerely hope that you fine something that will reduce your pain to manageable levels. We pretty much all agree that around 50% or a pain scale of 4 - 6 is manageable and liveable with other modalities for dealing with pain. Anyone looking to make chronic pain "go away" is either deluding themselves or don't care that level of meds would most likely turn them into a drooling mess.
Whatever meds you and your doctor choose, I wish you the best of luck. No one deserves to live with the kind of pain the good people of this forum are forced to lilve with.