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Re: Car accident


Thank you for your concern. No I haven't been on that much the past few days.

Friday night, which is the begining of my Sabbath, I ended up in synagogue. I really needed to be there. I hadn't been going to pray in such a long time because of the way I had been feeling.

So I pushed myself Friday night. It was a struggle to stay awake and concentrate. I have not slept for I can't tell you how long. I am awake most of the evening. Whatever sleep I do get it is in spurts.

So when I saw some people at synagogue they noted how bad I looked. I think a big part of it is worry.
I am still getting relief from the pump in the low back area. I have been giving myself a "bolus" usually 1 or 2 times a day as needed.
My neck has been giving me issues and still taking note to see I can differeentiate between the feelings of pain before the accident and after the accident. I have noticed some stiffness in my hands but that could be the arthritis and some numbness for a short period of time. Cant recall ever having numbness before. It eventually stopped and waiting to see if reoccurs or not. So I am not sure if anything occurred as a result of the accident or not.

I see the pain doctor that put in the pump again on Wednesday and will discuss what is going on with him.

Just wish I could get some sleep. I can be fine one minute then the next minute I am overwhelmed with the feeling of being exhausted.

I have NOt taken any Percocet since I really felt that it was knocking me for a loop as to lightheadedness. I really dont want to drive if I take the Percocet because of the way it made me feel.

As to the kidney issues I got the script for more blood work the other day. I have to repeat the blood work in 3 weeks so we can see what affects taking me off the medication has had on me. So I will see if things got worse as far as my Potassium levels and the other blood work that the doctor has ordered.

Just feeling overwhelmed with everything. Here I thought I was on the right path after the pump was put in then got into the accident; then 2 bad reports on my blood work; both doctors not liking what they saw.

Just trying to survive each day at this point in time and keep my mind active.