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Re: Help with Saliva Test Results

Hi dnbuggy,

I was told I have low cortisol level, even though all my numbers was IN the reference range. I was told that the numbers are okay, if they are at the upper 25% of the reference range.

Your morning cortisol level is out of the range - this one should be the highest. The evening one and the night one is also very low. From those results, I would say that you have some kind of adrenal fatigue. I'm in the same situation, if you look at my topic, I also wrote my test results. I will start to take a lot of vitamins (C, D, E, B complex and iron and magnesium) and a tablet, which will restore my cortisol level, so that my adrenal glands could rest a bit and regenerate themselves.

I advise you to go back with your results.
- I'm interested in your doc/naturopath's opinion.

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