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Re: Car accident

Pebble i am glad to see your okay! First, I think it is very wise to go to temple & to pray when worried it gives hope & gets our minds off worries & im glad that you went even though with no sleep it was hard. When i couldnt work anymore my dad told me that people need to sleep 8hours, work 8hours & had 8 hours to do what we should, want etc ( work, sleep, play equally)& if one of these is gone it affects the balance of the others such as no sleep & your work suffers, work too much & the family time suffers, no work & sleep suffers, too much play & work suffers its a balance like our mind, body, spirit is a balance & are affected if work, sleep, play is unbalanced. I remember that you cant just have any sleep medicine prescribed,but maybe you could ask your PM & kidney dr both about what would be safe to help you sleep. Also, I started taking tizanidine in late november & this week had to stop it because for me its increases neuropathy symptoms & is raising my bp, im 80% better. Please try not to worry it doesnt change things, praying for you( neck, sleep, kidney) & stay in touch here, we need your empathy here & of course your care!

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