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Re: Adult PE tubes for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Hello guys thanks for this post very informative and helpfull. I have a question for you cobrabeer about you getting your eustachian tubes closed up. I had to get a ttube put in my left ear over a year and a half ago cause of constant fluid build up in my left ear. Long story short I ended up having nasopharyngeal stage 4 cancer and the tumor messed up my left eustachian tube and it no longer works right anymore and it became PET.

I developed autophony problems on my left side because of all this and will now always have to have a ttube cause of my left PET and I already had two surgerys on my left eustachian tube with injections to fatten up my left eustachian tube to try to get rid of autophony but when my fluid drys up it comes back and goes away eventually cause the fluid builds back up and blocks up the eustachian tube for a short time.

I am scheduled to get my left eustachian tube obliterated the first of march and was wondering since you had both of yours done what are your side effects and did it get rid of your autophony?

To help on the ear tubes thing I never had any problems at first and helped when my left eustachian tube first worked before the tumor got real big and found out it was cancer. Hope to hear from you.