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Question So here goes ... Severe pain neck to sacrum

Hi there! I'm feeling pretty upset dealing with DAILY nearly constant pain since April 2012. Anything I've experienced before in re: to pain has been self limiting. Up to March last year, running 6 to 8 miles 3 - 5x/wk, as well as gym to workout. I began having pain in R side of neck, up back of head on same side. One week in April, I felt awful pain was unrelenting, felt feverish, nausea, headache, fatigue. I went to a local ER for work up & CT of C spine showed lymphadenopathy w/recommendation by radiologist for follow up. I'd noticed a large lump on R side base of skull, another one on R side of neck. I was given IV antibiotics, rehydrated w/diagnosis of pyelonephritis. ER doc said she'd admit me (after I was ignored & untreated for pain & nausea for 5 hours while in the ER bed) but I refused. I went later to pick up reports & learned they'd done a tox screen, no biggy & it was negative. Just felt kind of annoyed I hadn't been advised of this. I was pretty much writhing in pain, my BP was 180/110, HR 110s, WBCs slightly elevated. The staff as well as myself thought meningitis. Soon following this episode, I developed severe pain in my thoracic & lumbar spine area. Upon recommendation by a NP friend, I saw a neurologist. He ran many tests including full spine MRIs. I was also referred to pain mgmt specialist. Sorry, this is long, tedious & boring so let me cut to the chase.
MRI confirmed lymphadenopathy, previous fusion C5-6 intact, severe degeneration of disc between C6 & 7. Thoracic spine w/2 hemangioma, narrowing of foramina w/possible small infringement on spinal cord. Lumbar spine with L4,5 spondylolisthesis (diagnosed when I was 12), severe facet hypertrophy, severe disc degeneration throughout especially L4,5. A bone island. Severe hardening of the main ligament as well. Pain specialist said nothing points to severe pain. Hmmm. Why do I have it? I miss my life. Spoke w/PCP who thankfully prescribes tramadol, at least kept things manageable til this last week. Does anyone realize how difficult it is to get pain management meds in MA? Unreal. Everyone treats you like a drug seeker! Never had that
problem in CA. She refers me to neurologist at local teaching institution. All I had were 2 recent CAT scans, he looks at them & says "so you have a fusion C5 - 7? Noooo. C5,6 only. Apparently disc between C6, 7 is gone, so the radiologist on this study said the whole area was fused. I have no idea what's
going on now. I now have pain, numbness, tingling in R arm, fingers, upper back in addition to pain. Radiating pain into both legs, already had confirmed nerve damage at outer area of R lower leg, now goes into R foot & toes. I feel miserable. Pain is fatiguing. I am aware none of these things are glaringly problematic but altogether, feel pretty overwhelmed. Went to urgent care today cause I felt like I couldn't take anymore, doc there said he felt more concerned
w/fever, severely high BP & HR. I've had fevers nearly daily throughout this
whole time. Oh forgot, Schmorl's nodes in lumbar area & osteopenia. Any
suggestions, knowledge, support, feedback appreciated. If you get to the end of this long winded tale.

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