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From everything I have read and came across and have been told, it sounds like you have prostatitis. Right now I'm starting my third day out of 30 taking both ciprofloxacin and flomax. I am not yet feeling any better, but the doctor told me it could take up to 30 days for the antibiotics to actually start to kick in. What a lot of people have been telling me is that, unlike a common cold that can be fixed in a couple days, the prostate is a very confusing and difficult thing. The medications that could take 3 days to cure a cold could take 30 days to even start healing the prostate. I would ask your urologist if you could take a 30 day cycle of both cipro and flomax. He should have no problem with that request. Plus take a warm 10-15 minute bath twice daily, it could help with any swelling going on with your prostate. Hang in there.. I'm your age and going through the same **** and it honestly sucks for us to be going through this at such a young age. But atleast you know there are people your age going through this same thing.