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Re: Car accident

Originally Posted by teteri66 View Post
Unfortunately, you don't have pain in moderation, and your physical health is such that it occupies most of your thoughts and, it is pretty hard to try to keep things in balance. But it certainly doesn't hurt to think about this concepts intellectually even if you can't really put them into practice.
Hi pebble, Of course, I took your pain & health issues into consideration & i think that even with constant severe pain we still want to be in balance so that we dont suffer any more ill effects of being unbalanced, your rabbi is very wise & you temple congregation must be so thankful that he takes the Word & applies it to todays everyday problems with teachings that help everyone even pain patients. Its an eternal question in my opinion, is it the pain that keeps pain patients from sleeping or is it because we cant get physically exhausted but mentally & emotionally exhausted, the side effects of intractable pain, or the side effects of the medicine? Anyway, I hope that you find peace from the worry & pray that God will give you rest!