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Re: Car accident

Originally Posted by pebblebeach3 View Post
I agree that at times it is difficult to keep things in balance 100% of the time. Life is a journey of ups and downs. And when we see that one aspect of our life is causing us to be "out of balance" then we have to be aware that those imbalances do exist. And then try to figure out how to bring ourselves back into balance as much as possible.
When I find that I am overwhelmed with physical pain then my emotional and spiritual side will be affected. So how do I bring myself back into balance?
For me and this is what works for me, is via prayer. Our sabbath teaches us that it is during the Sabbath that we put everything else aside, the stresses from the past week etc and concentate on the here and now and to pray. so thru prayer I can find myself getting back into harmony. I am able to let go and I find that mind-body-spiritual connection again. A feeling of being FREE. We sometimes have to make a conscious effort to first realize when we are out of sync and then find whatever works for each of us to be able to return to that sense of inner peace. And it should not be reserved for only when the Sabbath is upon us. When we are out of sync we need to find a few minutes each day , that time alone to regroup and get back into balance. so it is at times best to find that alone time and search for that inner peace each an every day.

Hi pebble, Prayer is the answer for me too, thank you!

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