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Re: 6 weeks since hearing and nothing....

Originally Posted by haaj View Post
Hi all!
I had my hearing 6 weeks ago today and so far I haven't heard anything. Everytime I call they tell me no decision.

At my hearing the judge asked the VE about my past work. She only asked 1 hypothetical question and the VE sid no jobs I could do.

She left the file open for 15 days for other records...but those were turned in a month ago.

I'm going crazy...
Hi there!

I'm sorry that you are going nuts waiting on the decision. I was just approved about 6 weeks ago and my hearing was October 11 (got my letter Dec 31) so all these feelings of not knowing are still very recent in my memory. As such, my heart goes out to.

Even though it feels like an eternity to you, in the grand scheme of things it really isn't that long. After the 15 days for other records was up did you get any sort of an idea of when to expect a decision? If so, how long?

In case you didn't know, once the judge makes their decision it is sent to the writers. They draft the approval or denial letter using the judge's input. It then goes to the judge for inspection and either a) signing or b) back to the writer's with changes. This can take a while just depending on the backlog of either the judge, the writer, or both.

Keep us posted once you get your decision. I do have to say that the VE's response was great. When they say no jobs it is a good indication that your hearing is going well.

Take care!