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HIV concern. Never seen this scenario!

On January 16th I stupidly decided to have sex with a sex worker in Vaughan, Ontario Canada. She performed unprotected oral sex on me and protected vaginal intercourse. I then decided to perform oral sex on her for about 3 minutes. During the oral sex I performed on her I swallowed her vaginal fluid numerous of times maybe 3. When she performed oral sex on me she would often spit into a cup which I found very odd. When I left I rinsed my mouth and lips with water and headed to work. The next day I noticed a cluster of white spots on my upper lip on the cupids bow and a little on the vermillion. I also had a smaller patch on the bottom of my lip. The next night I went to sleep and kept waking up with chills and sweating a bit. I've never noticed these before and got me a little scared, so I told a friend and they suggested it was a cold sore and use lipactin. So I applied it for about 2 days when I then started noticing my throat. I developed a very sore throat to an extent where it was hard to eat. On the following Sunday I then went to a walk in clinic to find out why my throat was acting up. The doctor diagnosed me with strep throat and prescribed me antibiotics (Pennecillin) I finished the prescription and my throat was immediately better until 2 days after. It came back and feels different from before. It feels like its in a lower part of my throat. Also as for the cream the doctor prescribed me Zovirax and I just finished Valtrex. Both showed no results for my lip blemishes. I've been to 4 doctors and 3 of them said it was a cold sore and 1 said its not a cold sore and probably isn't herpes since its maintained it's same form since the day I got it.

So in conclusion what I am mainly concerned about is HIV. I'm wondering if I could of contracted it through her vaginal fluids. I got tested for Chlyamidia, Gonnahrea, Hep B and HIV January 29 2013 through blood and urine tests and am awaiting results. They said it would take 2 weeks. I've been suffering with a lot of anxiety and I'm looking for some comfort. I've never had anything like this happen to me. Please help me out with some information.

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