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Re: Can anyone give me any thought, Please?

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
It seems the real issue is trying to figure out what is causing you so much pain. Chronic pain causes many problems and even changes in the brain. It seems you are doing so much to live with it, but what has been done to find the source of it?> Have you been to a rheumatologist, since most of pain is in back and hands (would suggest arthritis)? I would start there. Psychologically, I think you are "numbing out" to numb the pain, but at the same time your feelings and other needs, like to eat, are numbed also. You may have a condition that is treatable, and would relieve or lessen your pain, and I think that's where to focus.
thanks for the reply. it started from carpal tunnel in my hands. and it moved to my neck/back. when i did nerve conduction they can identify the nerve and pain. but they dont do the surgery because it s not very severe. the doctor just looks at me and says because u do a lot of work this is taking time, and i have no idea of how much, but it s like 10 months that i have of and off pain. and i dont know why i m having numbness and tingling in my leg and foot too.

I feel broken all the time. Most of the time i get this reaction from everyone that your pain is not serious, not like worse things. My friend says I love you, but he never asks me about my hands and pains, just because it is invisible, because i dont know how to complain in front of people, because they think she is a capable girl, because it is supposed to be a temporary sickness ( which is been long for me), because i prefer to stay the night up with pain and dont call others who dont understand. I dont like judgmental people who compare the pain of others to other things. I only wish they have the same situation. and I know I feel this much emotionless because I continued seeing people ignoring me. Now when someone asks me about this and I have to respond something, I just laugh and they look at me with surprise. People are weird. If you talk they say shut up if you dont talk they say why you dont talk. And to be honest, i feel numb to follow up with finding another doctor .. They have given me some pills for the time I have pain, but when it happens, i just get so numb that i cant do anything ... absolutely nothing.

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