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Thumbs up Re: Ulnar Shortening Surgery... how long is recovery?

Thanks (for the hug of support)!

I saw my surgeon for my first follow up today. They removed the post surgery dressings and splint. They also removed the stitches from the three arthroscopic incisions, but left the stitches in the long incision above the plate..they're sub-cutaneous sutures. I was fitted for a plastic mold that will be like a cast, except it's removable (for showering and PT exercises). I'm VERY glad about that because the skin on my arm is very dry, itchy and peely. Plus, using that cast cover was a pain in the patoot!

The entire process was painful and uncomfortable and I couldn't wait for them to get that mold on and leave my arm & wrist alone. I had to take a vicodin when they were was throbbing from all of the aggravation.

I start physical therapy next week...I'll be going twice a week. If it's anything like today...yikes! He wrote me off work for another month (totaling 5 weeks off). I'll also get another xray in a month to check bone alignment and fusion. He said it'll be about 12 weeks before I begin to feel back to normal.