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Re: Telogen Effluvium and Pregnant (What to do?)

It was on and off toward the end. One day I would only lose about 150 hairs when I thought it was first stopping and then the next time I showered I lost like 200+. I kept a journal of the numbers of hairs lost so I could see it decreasing over time. I only counted on hair wash days. My doc had told me it was from one of two things. Either the stress of my recent wedding last June or a steroid back injection that I received. Not sure which one did it but I am so happy it stopped! I know it is frustrating but it will stop. I thought it was never ending. My husband was so sick of hearing me complain and cry about it. I kept it in baggies and dated the baggies to see if it was increasing or decreasing. It is such a horrible experience. Just remember.....other probably cant notice it. Some of my best friends who I told the problem too would reassure me that it was not noticeable to others but only to myself. My hair is definitely still thinner than before but hopefully in a year or two that will all grow back in. I used to have pretty thick hair. Another thing my doc told me to was wait at least one full year in between kids which wont be a problem for us. She said if you have a child on top of the one you just had, sometimes it does not grow back. So I will give it 2 years to be safe. :-)