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Re: Generic meds causing no desire for sex?

I have a similar problem with my wife of 8 years. I am 49, she is 46. Gradually she has lost all interest in sex, giving or receiving oral sex, kissing, foreplay, touching, hugging, making out, any and all physical intimacy.

she has said it's because of her depression meds, (wellbutrin) but she has also told me its because shes stressed out at work, also told me its menopause therefore there's nothing she can do about it, she's also told me its because shes stressed out about life changes we've been through a number of years ago, i.e. changing jobs, moving etc.. and she once actually told me it's because she doesnt find me attractive anymore, then she immmediately took it back..

i need and want sex, affection, etc.. no matter if i'm stressed out or not, in fact that would help me