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Re: HIV concern. Never seen this scenario!

Hey Apollo so I got back from my family doctor today and he said that there is a chance for contracting HIV through oral sex. Especially if I swallowed some of her vaginal fluid. Again the doctor prescribed me some gargling medication to take for my inflamed throat. Which came right after I was diagnosed with strep and had taken antibiotics (Pennecillin). It hasn't helped too much and he said there isn't much I can do now since I've took all my tests already. I also went to go see the sex worker again and asked her all the nessecary questions, such as if she knew she had anything or does she get tested frequently. She did say that she got tested every 3 months. She went to the extreme and even showed me her vagina. She said she would get tested tomorrow an will keep me updated and we will exchange test results. I'll follow up if anything else happens so everyone else can follow. My test results should be coming in Febuary, 12 2013. Unfortunately 6 days before my birthday . (Turning 21)