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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Congrats Seabell!!

Its soooo good to hear you continuing to add to your outings and feeling "free". Because that means that I will get there too! Couple of items...back in the last storm in your area you commented on eating in diners (greasy!) and how that contributed to a return of "mucous" a sign that the intestinal tract is irritated. I still have some of that but didn't know to connect it with ibs until your comment. So my system is still needing to recover and if the mucous ends altogether it will be a really good sign....right!?

Also, I must confess that I thought IBS-D was IBS with Diarhea as opposed to IBS -C for Constipation! Wrong wasn't I. Its OK to laugh ....I was just keeping it "simple"! I was going back through some IBS boards at about a year ago and found one of yours as you responded to your type 2 "diabetes" and it hit me.......IBS-D is IBS with Diabetes! I don't know how you did it ...trying to balance and find something that would finally work for you. I'm even more amazed and soooo glad that you did!

I was up early this AM....taking all my meds, fiber, etc...preparing for the day. We leave for South Carolina to see our son Joshua graduate from Basic Training. Our flight leaves in about 5 hours....and they better not take anything away from me at the "scrutiny " sight or I'll tell them just how ugly things can get while on the plane!!! So.....I hope everything goes well going and coming back this weekend.

LouAnn53.....We have not heard from you in a great while. I trust things are going well for you as we conitinue to keep you in our thoughts, too!

Have a happy IBS-D and everything else week...Seabell !