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Re: Can anyone give me any thought, Please?

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
I truly understand how having an invisible pain problem makes people dismiss it or believe it isn't that bad, unfortunately, even some Drs! There are treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, from antiinflammatories, splints, to cortisone injections in the carpal tunnel, to surgery as last resort. Some occupations cause or aggravate CTS, so it may even be covered under workmen's comp. If your Dr just gave you pain pills, and offered nothing else, he did you a major disservice. Please see a rheum and get appropriate treatment. I just had a CTS injection in one hand, and it helped immensely. You can get both done in about 5-10 minutes and the relief can last for months or longer if you curtail the activities that are aggravating it. Your leg and foot numbness and back pain may be from a degenerated or herniated disc. This can be treated too. Please don't resign yourself to suffering with this, just because other people judge you unfairly. You must have the confidance to ask for what you need, make your voice heard and find a Dr. who will listen to what you say, not judge you on the fact you look normal. Check out "the invisible advocate" literature on the web. It is written by a Colorado lady with MS who really nails the problems associated with invisible illness and describes a patient's feelings very aptly in her brochure, which you can ******** and print or order a hard copy from her. If your CTS or back problem is related to work, by all means see the workmen's comp Dr and ask for an MRI for back and injection for wrists.
thanks a lot for writing to me. i v been so hopeless and it is 4 am and i cant sleep after 2 hours sleep, 12-2 am. ur comment gave me hope. thanks .. Tomorrow ( which is today!) i wont go to work and try to ask for these things. this doctor is more concerned with the psychological impacts of my pain, but i m basically there for physical problems. i m getting worried because i see i have depressive symptoms, like waking up with 2 hours sleep! .. and i feel many of problems are related to sleep problem. One of the reasons that this situation has ended up like this is that i m really busy in my life and I dont know if i dont spend a day at work what will happen and who will be there fore me to be of little support.

I used braces for 3 months 22 hours a day, 2 months on and off too. and i v been to physio too. when my pain started, the doctor and physio both said it is tendinitis because I had no numbness and tingling. So the physio gave me exercises and asked me to do everything I used to do, just with break. But after a month, my nerves got involved. So i started developing carpal tunnel. For that month work paid for that, but after that they said it s another problem. And my work place behaved very weird .. Probably in August that it was extremely bad i called my parents and sister ( they live overseas). i often felt like they don't hear my cry. I begged my sister and mom to come over and visit me. My boss never told me what are those braces in your hands. I like him , but still that was their reaction. Since then I have lost my emotions and I feel i need to just bury things inside.

My gfs were talking about their colleague who says she has cancer but they believe she hasnt because she looks better than them, and they were saying that she wants to use it as a way for not coming to work and taking off. it got really sad when they had this conversation. that s who people think and judge. on another occasion we were having fun and i told to my close gf that 'for example, why should i keep saying i have pain", and she said maybe u like to go and see ur doctor, is he handsome?!! i felt miserable and alone ..... i have too much pain in my hands and arms now..